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Anita Suryani Universitas Indonesia
Nani Cahyani SudarsonoUniversitas
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Physical Education
autism spectrum disorders, ASD, autism, obesity, exercise
ISBN 978-602-8429-74-0
The prevalence of childhood obesity is increasing, both in children who are developing typically and in children with developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of multisystem neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by impairments in social interactions and communication skills and the presence of repetitive and stereotypical behaviors and interests. Prevalence data speaks that children with ASDs are more likely to be overweight or obese than their peers who are developing typically. Impairments specific to ASDs and their environmental factors could lead to an imbalance between the intake and expenditure of energy, leading to obesity. Obesity is a highly prevalent comorbidity in children with ASDs and might lead to significant health consequences. Nevertheless, current interventions for individuals with ASDs do not appear to address issues related to obesity risk and prevention. This paper aims to find out the proper exercise for ASDs. The scope of exploration considers the evidence on exercise interventions to improve physical fitness, address obesity, and reduce autism-specific impairments in children with ASDs. Limited evidence is currently available for exercise interventions in individuals with ASDs. Therefore, literature on other pediatric developmental disabilities and children who are developing typically was reviewed to provide recommendations for clinicians to promote physical fitness, and to reduce obesity in children with ASDs. There is a clear need for further systematic research to develop holistic multisystem and multifactorial obesity interventions that accommodate the social communication, motor, and behavioral impairments of children with ASDs.
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