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Dody Tri Iwandana Sebelas Maret University
SugiyantoSebelas Maret
M. Furqon HidayatullahSebelas Maret
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Sports Science
Physical Activity, Children, Play, Traditional Game, Sports Science
ISBN 978-602-8429-74-0

Objectives: Children need physical activity in the growth period. Childhood is the period of play and most of them spend with role play. The game activity could be a game between friends or individual. As children’s parents, they have role as bodyguard and supervisor in childhood period to determine the right game form for their child. This research aims for: 1) Knowing the parents role and society toward the ongoing physical activity of children in Dieng Plateau region, 2) Knowing physical daily activities of children in Dieng Plateau region, 3) Knowing the game form of physical activity of children in Dieng Plateau region, 4) Knowing the traditional game form of physical activity of children in Dieng Plateau region, 5) Knowing the values inside game activity of children in Dieng Plateau region. Methods: This research is held on rural region of Dieng plateau, Banjarnegara Regency, Central Java Province. This is qualitative research using phenomenology approach. The techniques of data collection are observation, interview, and documentation.  Results: The research result showed that the parents and society role which are vegetable farmers affecting in parenting. The busyness and education level of parents decrease their supervision for the children. Some of child there go to play and the other help their parents in the field after school. The major activities of child are playing. Playing is the unconsciousness attempt and adaptation form toward the climate. Several popular traditional activities are petak umpet, bentengan, jamuran, and lompat karet gelang which often played by the ladies there. The difficult access of technology keeps the traditional game still alive in Dieng. Traditional game is an entertainment game. From philosophy perspective, sportsmanship is growing by a game; there is always open opportunity in an attempt, teamwork, set the rule, and willing to accept defeat. Related to the culture and religion, those game are very valuable such as Petak Umpet. Petak Umpet described that the entire human will be seeing the Almighty. Lompat Karet Gelang described that life goes through the lowest until the top level to reach the happiness from the Almighty. By the traditional game, it can create atmosphere of joy, harmony, training of skills and creativity, recognition of cultural values, and have a positive role in the physical development of children. Conclusions: Traditional games must be preserved as the times progress, because children and teenagers tend to spend their time in front of the gadget, phone, computer game or television in this era. Furthermore, physical activity is very important toward child growth.  

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