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Mochamad Ridwan Universitas Negeri Surabaya
Gatot DarmawanUniversitas Negeri
Widya Retno PalupiUniversitas Negeri
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Physical Education
Physical Education, Soccer Like Games, Sport in Schools
ISBN 978-602-8429-74-0

Objectives: Soccer like games is a game resembles the game of football. Resembles that is how to play with doing the same motion as the movement soccer game, difference lies only in the game approaches and forms of learning, with rule and equipment that can be modified. The purpose of this research to : 1) To know the effect of soccer like games implementation against to cooperate the students in physical education, 2) To know how big the effect of soccer like games implementation against to cooperate the students in physical education. Methods: The type of research used is quasi-experimental research with quantitative approach. The design of this research, using One Group Pretest - Posstest Design is selected instead of individuals, but groups or areas that are then called clusters. Results: The result of this research obtained their significan impact on the soccer like games implementation of the cooperation the students in physical education. The result of the T test calculation showed that the value tcount ≥ ttable that is : tcount = 3.171 > ttable = 2,208 and great improvement 3,98%. Conclusion: There is influence influence soccer like games which significant to student cooperation in learning of physical education, sport and health at student of class VII Junior High School 43 Surabaya. Evidenced by the results of the hypothesis test shows that the value of tcount = 3.171> ttable = 2.028 with a significant level of 0.05. The effect of soccer like games on student cooperation in physical education, sports and health education at grade VII students of Junior High School 43 Surabaya based on analysis using average can be known equal to 3,98%.

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