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Hari Hanggoro Universitas Sebelas Maret
Mukhsin DoewesUniversitas Sebelas
KiyatnoUniversitas Sebelas
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Sports Science
Expectation, Apreciation, Perception, Public, Community, calisthenics, Streetworkout
ISBN 978-602-8429-74-0

Objectives: The main objectives of this research are 1) What are the forms of appreciations given by the community on the phenomenon of Lampung's streetworkout community 2) What are the public expectations on the phenomenon of Lampung's streetworkout community and 3) What is the public perceptions on the Lampung’s streetworkout community. Methods: This research was conducted at Enggal as the center of Lampung’s street workout community and also as a place for public gathering. This research uses descriptive qualitative method with naturalistic approach with the subject of this research are public which is in public space during sport activity. Data collection techniques such as observation, interviews, and documentation. Results: The results of research on the public in terms of expectations, appreciations, and public‘s perceptions of the phenomenon of Lampung street workout community are, 1) Very large public expectations from the beginning of this community established until now, and the public considers that this community is a community that gives a positive value in the public. 2) Public response to Lampung’s street workout community as a form of appreciation shows very good and positive, of the many people who have been in their interviews know that in Lampung’s province there is a community that introduces calisthenics sports.  3) Public perception of this community is also good, from what is seen and explained by public about how public appraisal to Lampung’s street workout community such as explaining that the street-workout community is a community whose sports use their own weight in terms of daily exercise, as well as from the public way of describing what motion movements are performed in the exercise, and how to do the movements correctly, and also the community is able to explain the ease of accessing information if they want to join the community, and be able to explain about this community that Lampung’s street workout community emphasizes  of affective value in the exercise routine, the public also knows that the community is able to recruit all layers of the public, whether from gender differences, social strata, or age groups, as a basis that this community for all circles.  Conclusions: The presence of community in the public make the public have great expectations for this community in terms of raising awareness of the sport and the public greatly appreciates all community activities in sports or social activities, and then all apreciation and expectation is due to the positive perception of public about streetworkout community of all aspects  

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