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Donie Universitas Negeri Padang
Prima AuliaUniversitas Negeri Padang
ArgantosUniversitas Negeri Padang
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Sports Science
Guided Imagery, Anxiety, Athletes, Sports Science
ISBN 978-602-8429-74-0

Objectives: This research aims to understand the effectiveness of our training guided imagery in lowering anxiety on athletes PPLP of West Sumatera .This research involving 2 variables, namely anxiety and guided imagery. Anxiety is an emotional state unpleasant characterized the existence of a feeling of fear, nervous and tense, as well as a sense of doubt or not dare to matters concrete and things are not clear. Guided imagery is a technique that uses imagination and visualization to help reduce stress and foster relaxation .This research involving 40 athletes PPLP of West Sumatera . Methods: The research is using the quantitative approach with type of research experiments. A design research experiments used is pre-test post-test control group design by using 2 groups that are control groups and experiment groups. Instrument gatherer the data used was scale anxiety sports ( SKO ) developed [1], this scale consisting of 22 items questions developed based on four dimensions anxiety sports the motor dimensions, affective dimensions, somatic dimensions and cognitive dimension. The analysis data used was data analysis non parametric by using the Mann-Whitney technique. Great influence treatment seen by counting effect size. The calculation of the Mann-Whitney gets the result 0.00 with significance. The results of the calculation of effect size of 0.75.  Results: The whole result of the calculation is indicated that there are significant differences between the experimentation and the control group in a reduction of anxiety. Conclusions:  It means guided imagery effective to lower anxiety athletes PPLP of West Sumatera, with an influence in the large.

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