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Rianto Ardi Nugroho Sebelas Maret University
SugiyantoSebelas Maret University
Muchsin DoewesSebelas Maret University
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Sports Science
physical activity, sport for all, cycling
ISBN 978-602-8429-74-0

Objectives: The objectives of the study are: 1) to explore the implementation and the organization of mass cycling activity around the city, 2) to discover participants’ creativity at Solo Last Friday Ride, 3) to explore the benefits of mass cycling activity at Solo Last Friday Ride for the participants and society around the event. Methods: This research was conducted in Solo, Central Java. This research was used qualitative research, using phenomenology approach. The data were collected through observation, in-depth interview, and documentation. The validity of the data used technique trangulasi methods. Besides, there were four phases used to analyze the data. Those were data collection, data reduction, data display, and drawing conclusions. Results: The result of the research shows that Mass cycling activity at Solo Last Friday Ride is a mass cycling community as a means of strengthening the brotherhood among cyclists, mode of sport, recreational facilities, and to promote the use of the bike as a form of health transportation and environmentally friendly. This activity is held once a month, every last Friday of the month. There are usually around 7000 - 10.000 cyclists joined this activity. The participants consist of the people in Solo Raya and other citizens in any level of age and gender. They join together as one to cycle around Solo. This mass cycling activity starts at 7 p.m. from Air Mancur Stadion Manahan Solo. Then, the route is ended at two finish points, Perempatan Ngarsopuro and Benteng Vastenburg in front of Bank Indonesia Gladag. It was found that there was no official committee who organize this mass cycling activity, there was a coordinator for Solo Last Friday Ride and Marshal. The internal coordination usually holds in two or three days prior to the due date of cycling activity. The internal coordination was held to discuss and decide the interesting theme; then, the coordinator had to coordinate with Dishubkominfo and police to report the selected route for cycling activity. The participants showed their creativity by wearing unique costume and accessories that suit with the themes. Thus, all of the participants were able to choose and design their own costume. Most of the participants modified their bikes with colorful lamps, music on their bikes, or even with some posters. Those were the way how participants showed their creativity and enthusiasm to welcome the upcoming event. Benefits for participants is as a means of exercise, for recreation and for getting fun, as a place to meet, stay in touch, play and get a lot of new friends, help reduce air pollution. The benefits the general public is particularly felt directly by merchants and service providers that is, bring up a small business, launching the economy of communities who depend on anything related to bikes and equipment, improve the income trader and service provider even though only once a month obtainment. Conclusions: The conclusion are: 1) mass cycling activity, Solo Last Friday Ride is initiated by bicycle community to improve physical fitness, have fun, and social involvement. Then, the committee of this event is coordinated with the representative of Dishubkominfo and the police to decide the route, 2) the participants’ creativity is shown from the costume and accessories, 3) the benefits which obtained by the participants are as a means of exercise, recreation to have fun, means of socialization, and reduce air pollution, while the society around the activity can increase their economic income.  

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