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Nur Indah Pangastuti Yogyakarta State University
Agus SupriyantoYogyakarta State
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Sports Science
Development, Monitoring Book, Swimming, Sports Science
ISBN 978-602-8429-74-0

Objectives: The aim of the study is creating a monitoring book product for the swimmer. That is used as a monitoring media of the progress of students achievement while training swimming in the swimmingclub. The subjec of this study is a swimming choach in the sleman area. Methods: The method of this study is Research and Development which uses six ways in the developing research. Previously, the developing of the monitoring book for swimmingclub need to be identification, developing, validation by amaterial and media expert, then it was experimented in the small group consisting of five coaches and the big group consisting of fiveteen coaches, and the final product The data analysisis by percentage quantitative. Results: The result of the research and development totally explains about the monitoring book media thathas the main topic consisting of the material of phsycal monitor, technique, and also the softskill of the swimmer. The feasibility mmaterial is 80%, while the rate of the media is 81%. Conclusion: The monitoring book for the swimming is properly to be used in monitoring the development and growth of the swimmer.   

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